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Me262 static SOLD!

The static example of the famed Messerschmitt 262, known as Gelb 5, has been sold!

That means that there is one, and only one expample of the Me262 available.

The final flying example from Legend Flyers is a two-seat variant of the famous German fighter jet, so don't delay if you ever dreamed of owning and flying a piece of aviation history.

The LAST flying Me262 is available for $3,000,000. Trades MAY be considered. Please call 303-517-5078 for more information.

New Spirit of Flight Center

Warbird Recovery has joined AirAssets® International at the new Spirit of Flight Center located at Erie Municipal Airport (KEIK) in Erie, Colorado. The 6,000 square foot facility displays aircraft and flight memorabilia to honor the men and women who have contributed to Colorado aviation history and to also educate the general public on the efforts to build and fly aircraft.

Visit for more information on this exciting new aviation history themed facility.

Attention Museums!

For a very limited time, Air Assets International is offering several static Messerschmitt Bf-109 fighter aircraft for sale. These WWII German fighters have battle history and are ideal as a marquee centerpiece of any aircraft collection. For more information on this exciting opportunity, visit

Warbird Recovery podcast...

Warbird Recovery has received a tremendous honor from publisher iUniverse by being recognized as the featured STAR book on the iUniverse website home page.

For those who haven't read the book a link to a podcast from a recent interview is now available allowing listeners to get a flavor of the "don't try this at home" story. To listen to the podcast go to WARBIRD PODCAST.

In other news, Kirkus Discoveries has recently reviewed Warbird Recovery and has posted an excellent review.

"An aviation enthusiast travels to Russia in search of World War II fighter planes and discovers, not unsurprisingly, that nothing in Russia comes easy. Warm, funny, with a touch of suspense, this adventure will delight anyone who’s sought an illusive prize."—Kirkus Discoveries

Signed copies of Warbird Recovery are available in the Warbird Store with proceeds going to the restoration of several WWII fighters.

You can OWN part of a Messerschmitt!

Own part of a Messerschmitt Bf109 from the book Warbird Recovery- The Hunt for a Rare WWII Plane in Siberia, Russia. Warbird Recovery now offers a way for you to OWN part of a real Messerschmitt Bf109. A beautiful 8" x 10" laser etched wood plaque is now available with the aircraft history and a real piece of Messerschmitt Wk. Nmr. 10144 attached(one of the planes recovered in the book). This is a great opportunity to own a piece of aviation history while supporting our efforts to restore the plane. Aircraft pieces come from parts of the aircraft that are not used in the restorations due to metal fatigue. Plaques come with a certificate of authenticity. Makes a great gift! Available at the Warbird Store, order yours today! $69.95 each for a limited time plus shipping and handling. Become a Warbird Recovery member for FREE by signing up on the contacts page and get discounts on Warbird Recovery items.

Bf109 Update

October 14, 2005

The most common question from readers of the book Warbird Recovery, The Hunt for a Rare WWII Plane in Siberia, Russia is by far what has happened to the Messerschmitts. Work is about to begin on the restoration of two Bf109s, Wk. Nmr. 10144 and Wk. Nmr. 10256. The official signs are now up at the Legend Flyers facility at Paine Field, Everett, Washington. New Boeing 747s and 777s that are completed at the huge Boeing production facility frequently come to a stop as they taxi by the facility to see what is going on.

You can sign up as a member of Warbird Recovery to receive progress updates and also receive discounts in the Warbird Recovery store. Simply send your information through the Warbird Recovery contact page.

Spirit of Flight needs your help!

The Spirit of Flight Center needs your help to build a new world class aviation facility.

After a three year search, Erie Municipal Airport (KEIK)will be the new home of the Spirit of Flight Center which will house the efforts of Warbird Recovery.

Erie Municipal (which is just minutes North of Denver, Colorado) offers the opportunity to create a grass-roots, world class facility. The first phase of the building will be over 12,000 square feet in size and the site gives the ability to double in size in the future.

Over 500 artifacts are currently on display to the general public and the Spirit of Flight Center needs your help to build a new facility to house hundreds of other artifacts as well as aircraft.

The Spirit of Flight Center is looking to raise $250,000 to build out the interior of the building, to create some incredible new displays, and to finish the Spirit of Flight Center in way that will draw and inspire people from around the world.
The goal can be achieved with the help of donors like you!

Donors to this effort will be permanently recognized by having their name placed on a 74” tall Convair 260 propeller that will be dedicated in the lobby of the Spirit of Flight Center.

ANY donation amount is greatly appreciated and will help build out the interior and create displays. Donations over $50.00 will be recognized on the lobby prop (if the donor wishes) and will also receive a Spirit of Flight hat. Donations over $500.00 will also get a wall plaque with a piece of a military aircraft on it along with a Spirit of Flight jacket. Donations over $1000.00 will get the above benefits and can also place a logo on the website as a sponsor. The Spirit of Flight Center thanks you for your support! Visit for more information and to make a donation.


The second of five flying Messerschmitt 262 reproduction aircraft is nearing completion of FAA flight testing. Known as “Tango Tango” N262MS will be prepared for shipment to Germany following flight test completion. Test pilot Wolf Czaia reports that the flight testing of this second Me262 has been incredibly smooth thanks to the efforts of Bob Hammer and the Me262 Project team. Photo was taken my Jim Larson from the back of Bud Granley’s Fouga Magister chase plane near spectacular Mt. Baker, WA.

Me262's Take Flight

The second ME262 Project fighter jet flew today, August 15,2005 in Everett, WA. The aircraft known as Tango Tango, was flown without incident over Paine Field by test pilot Wolfgang Czaia to the delight of Bob Hammer and the ME262 Project team who have worked hard on the second of five flying examples of the historic jet. This historic flight comes just weeksafter the first flying ME262 Project aircraft, known as White One, flew formation with the Collings Foundation B-24 over the Everett, WA area. Tango Tango will continue to fly the FAA flight test schedule until it is ready for shipment to the Messerschmitt Foundation facility near Munich, Germany. Much progress has been made on the third ME262 which is for sale. FMI visit,, or contact our offices at 303-460-1156, Ext. 21.

Wanted! P-51 Mustang parts!

Warbird Recovery is looking for parts to put serial number 44-63791 back into the air. If you have any leads on airworthy or rebuildable parts (engine, wing, canopy and more) to help with our project, please contact our offices at. Budget is limited.

Latest NWOC attendees see Me262 fly!

The Me262 "White One" has completed the FAA Flight Test Program and added one more test flight during the National Warbird Operators Conference (NWOC) in Seattle on February 25th, 2005. With test pilot Wolf Czaia at the controls, the Me262 took to the sky with ease and made several passes to the delight of 100+ NWOC attendees who made the trip to the Me262 Project open house in Everett, WA. The 2005 NWOC conference was the largest gathering of warbird owner/operators in the 11 year conference history. Those fortunate enough to see the Me262 fly could be overheard saying that history was once again being made. Several attendees requested purchasing information for the remaining three Me262 that are available for sale. For more information on how to acquire a true FLYING legend, visit

Restoration of Bf109s

May 15, 2005- For Immediate Release

Restoration of Messerschmitt Bf109s joins the Me262 Project facilities in Everett, WA

Air Assets ™ International of Lafayette, Colorado and Bob Hammer LLC (Me262 Project) of Everett, WA have signed an agreement to complete the restoration process of two Messerschmitt Bf109 Wk. Nmrs, 10144 and 10256, both F4 models, to flying condition. The restorations will be co-located at the Me262 Project facilities in Everett, WA.

Gordon Page, President of Air Assets ™ International said “Air Assets is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Bob Hammer and his expert team to restore the Bf109s. Bob and the Me 262 Project team have done a masterful job to put aviation history back in the sky by building five flying Me262s, and we look forward to the same results on the Bf109 restorations.”

Bob Hammer, President of Bob Hammer LLC commented “We are truly pleased to have the opportunity to work with Air Assets ™ International on these exciting restorations. We have worked with Air Assets in the past as they have represented the sale of our three remaining Me262 aircraft. They have worked closely with our team and have seen how we are committed to providing quality workmanship. Air Assets and their company Warbird Recovery is just as committed to saving aviation history”.

Air Asset Intl. intends to keep one of the Messerschmitt Bf-109s to be displayed at the new Spirit of Flight Center located near Denver, Colorado. One of the Bf-109s is offered for sale. Interested parties should contact Air Assets Intl. at 303-460-1156 Ext. 21,

Established in 1997, Air Assets ™ International was formed to provide extraordinary aviation solutions around the world. Air Assets ™ International has knowledge and experience in the purchase, sale, charter and management of corporate and collectable aircraft, as well as facilities. For more information regarding the Bf109 or Me 262 sales from Air Assets ™ International , visit

Information on other Warbird Recovery efforts, including the recovery of the Bf109s, can be found at

For more information on the Bob Hammer LLC and the Me 262 Project, visit

Contact Gordon R. Page at 303-460-1156 for more information.

Second Me262 completes flight test...

August, 2005

The second of five flying Me262s from the Me262 Project in Everett, WA has completed the FAA flight test program without incident. Known as Tango Tango, the Me262 (which can be converted from a single seat fighter to a two-seat variant) is now being prepared for shipment to its new owner near Munich, Germany. Test pilot Wolf Czaia reported that the testing was incredibly smooth, especially after recently completing the same flight test program in the first flying Me262, known as White One. Work continues on the third flying example of the Me262 which is available for sale. Congratulations to Bob Hammer and the team Legend Flyers who have put in an enormous amount of effort to see another legend fly. FMI visit or

Me262 Test Flight Update

January 26, 2005-Everett, WA. Jim Byron of the Me262 Project reports that the "White One" Me262 jet has resumed flight tests with test pilot Wolfgang Czaia at the controls. White One, the first of five Me262 aircraft built to flying condition, is nearing the completion of the test flight program and will be delivered to its owner in Phoenix, Arizona in the very near future. Engine runs have begun on airframe number two, known as Tango Tango, which will begin flight testing soon. There are three additional Me262 aircraft available for sale, an incredible opportunity to own and FLY a piece of aviation history. Sales information on the Me262 is available at

New Warbird Recovery Bf109 T-Shirt now available…

Show your support of the Messerschmitt Bf-109 restoration! The new Warbird Recovery Bf-109 Project T-Shirt has the popular Warbird Recovery logo on the front and the famous German Iron Cross on the back. Comes in black or white- sizes M/L/XL. Just $15.00 and it all goes to towards putting aviation history back in the air! Visit the Warbird Store to place your order.

Meet the Legend Flyers Team

Prior to Me262 Tango Tango being prepared to be shipped to Germany, photographer Jim Larsen caught the team at Legend Flyers on the ramp with both of the completed airplanes and most of the crew (from left to right).
Back Row - Joe Brazil, Chris Cooper, Maureen McRight, Bob Hammer, Wolfgang Czaia, Mike Anderson, Tim Clark, Dick Burnett, and Don Davis.
Front Row - Mike Harris, Doug Arpke, Garrett Downing, Ralph Corbin, John Callison, Bob Murray, and Austin Ballard.
Not pictured - Jim Byron, Nick Cirelli, Paul Ferrara, Ron Fischer, and Tom Susor.

We look forward to seeing the Bf109s in a future team photo. The Bf109 Project is in good hands!

Reader's Choice Award for Warbird Recovery Book

November 9, 2005

Warbird Recovery receives iUniverse Reader’s Choice designation.

In addition to receiving an Editor’s Choice Award in June, 2005, Warbird Recovery- The Hunt for a Rare WWII Plane in Siberia, Russia, has now attained the publishers Reader’s Choice designation.

Warbird Recovery continues to receive great reviews around the world and was recently featured in the November issue of AOPA Pilot magazine. Readers who are not aviation buffs are finding the story intriguing and now know what it takes to save some aviation history.

If you or someone you know has read Warbird Recovery, please send your comments through our contact page. We would love to hear from you and appreciate all of the support.

New Bf109 Drawing...

Artist Kjetil Aakra of Norway has recently completed an incredible profile of the Bf-109F4 flown by Horst Carganico,Gruppenkommandeur of II/JG5. This is how Wk. Nmr. 10256 will be painted upon restoration. Our thanks to Kjetil for his efforts to capture the future paint scheme of the Bf-109!

Wk. Nmr. 10144 to Everett, WA

Messerschmitt Bf109-F4 Wk. Nmr.10144 is on the way to Legend Flyers in Everett, WA to begin restoration to flying condition. If you ever wondered what it takes to ship even the smallest of aircraft parts, take a look at the wooden container in the photo which was provided by Pilatus Aircraft (interior parts for the PC-12 are shipped in these containers). The original box was over 16' long and had to be shortened to 11' for the tail section of the 109. Not an easy task, but thanks to Dennis Ruch the process was quick and only took the better part of an afternoon to complete! Many more of these containers will make their way to Everett, WA as the restoration process continues.

ME262 to fly over Germany- 60 Years later…

The second of five flying Me262s (TANGO TANGO) from the Me262 Project in Everett, WA, has completed a ride on a CargoLux 747 freighter jet from Seattle, WA to Luxembourgh. The Me262 will next be trucked to Manching, Germany for reassembly and flight testing. It was a bit of a challenge to get the proper paperwork in order for the historic shipment. Thanks goes out to Wayne Hammack of the Hammack Group for his efforts to acquire the proper paperwork to ship the “weapon of war” according to the US State Department.

Work continues on the third flying example of the Me262 which is nearing the mating of the completed wing to the fuselage. Stay tuned for some exciting news on this example of the Me262.

Congratulations to test pilot Wolf Czaia and Bob Hammer’s team at Legend Flyers for this incredible accomplishment!

Visit AirAssets International for more information on how to own one of these historic aircraft.

ME262 First Flight over Germany

April 25, 2006

Tango Tango has successfully completed its first test flight near Munich, Germany. Test pilot Horst Philipp reported no problems during the gear-down flight which stayed in the airport vicinity.

The historic flight marked the first time that a Messerschmitt 262 had flown over Germany since 1945. Upon successful flight testing, Tango Tango plans to be flown and displayed at the Berlin ILA Airshow May 18. Congratulations to the ME262 Project team, EADS, Horst Philipp, and all who have contributed to this historic aviation accomplishment. for more information on the Me262 Project and how to acquire one of the three remaining aircraft.

White 3 now on its gear...

April 25, 2006

Third Me262 fuselage is mated to wing…

The third of five flying Me262 Project aircraft has made a significant step towards taking to the skies in the near future. Known as White 3, the Me262 will be a convertible model (dual seat or single seat) version of the famous WWII fighter. The aircraft is 80% complete and is now in the process of having operational systems installed. Stay tuned for updates on this historic aircraft which is for sale at

Tango Tango flight video...

Tango Tango took to the skies at the ILA Berlin Air Show and was a highlight of the 2006 event. You may need to download the Google video player to view this 8 minute clip, but it is worth the effort. Tango Tango was flown back to its home in Manching, Germany after the show, certainly a sight for those on the ground as it flew over cities on the flight back. Note the MiG 29 at the end of the video...

Tango Tango Video

Spirit of Flight Hall of Honor now open...

As the Spirit of Flight Center gets ever closer to breaking ground, a new facility known as the Spirit of Flight Hall of Honor is now open in Lafayette, Colorado. The 3000 sq. ft. facility is co-located at AirAssets International's corporate offices and holds 100's of artifacts, including an inverted V-12 engine from a Messerschmitt Bf-109. Collages of local aviation heroes are placed among the parts and memorabilia as a tribute to the efforts and sacrifice they have given for freedom. A special exhibit dedicated to the Women Air Force Service Pilots features Mary Elizabeth Trebing, a Louisville, Colorado resident who was one of the 38 WASPs killed in action during WWII.

The facility is open Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm or by appointment on weekends. Admission fee is by donation. For more information visit Spirit of Flight, or call the Spirit of Flight Center at 303-460-1156 ext. 21.

A Must Read, Now a STAR!

Warbird Recovery- The Hunt for a Rare WWII Plane in Siberia, Russia, has been re-released! Warbird Recovery has been awarded the distinguished STAR status from the publisher, and is one of only 103 to have attained this status.

The story is about the efforts to chase a childhood dream to preserve history and what was faced in Russia to someday put a historic plane back into the air. Both men and women will enjoy this easy read that has a lot of very uneasy moments…

The new release of the book includes a new forward by Air Racing Pilot John Penney and was written so readers can understand what it takes to save aviation history. The book is available at all major book stores as well as in The Warbird Store. Proceeds for the book and gift shop sales go towards the restoration of several WWII fighter aircraft.

Tell your friends about the story and how they can buy a copy!


Stow, MA August 2006-

Incredible program allows pilots to fly the Me-262 in the skies against its historic foe, the B-17 and B-24!

The Collings Foundation is pleased to announce, for the first time in history, the opportunity for private individuals to fly the legendary Messerschmitt Me-262. This is a once in a lifetime chance for pilots to fully experience the aircraft that made history as the first jet fighter and one of the most important aircraft of WWII. >From the best possible vantage point, the cockpit, participants will take to the skies in this legendary aircraft!

Flight Operations Director Rob Collings explained, “The Me-262 embodies all the characteristics expected of an aircraft that changed aerial combat forever. The mere sight of the Me-262 struck terror in the hearts of all Army Air Corps aircrew that saw it in the sky; it was just so far ahead of its time! Never before has anyone had a chance to fly this legend and now they do!” The Collings Foundation is proud to offer this extraordinary opportunity to fly one of the most famous aircraft in the world.

Introduction to Flight and Flight Training will take place in the dual control Me-262, an aircraft recreated to exacting standards from an original Me-262 trainer. This continuation aircraft offers all of the originality of the groundbreaking Me-262 with updated engines and safety equipment. The Me-262 carries a continuation of the original Work Numbers assigned during the war. The project was created in conjunction with MBB and the Messerschmitt Foundation in Germany.

The Messerschmitt Flight Program will present academic sessions on the aircraft, including safety training and cockpit orientation, before participants take to the air in the revolutionary WWII jet fighter. The flight itself will be tailored to each student’s interest and capabilities. In addition to the thrill of flying the Messerschmitt, there is the possibility of additional fighter runs on the Collings Foundation’s B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator. Each offers a perspective that no one has seen since WWII.

The Me-262 Project’s Sales and Marketing Representative, Gordon Page, explains “We have seen amazing interest from around the world bringing the Me-262 back to life. Now, a limited few will have the chance to “own” their own Me-262 through the collaborative effort of the Me-262 Project and the Collings Foundation. We are thrilled with the interest level that we have seen so far; people really want to experience flight in this legendary German fighter!” The Collings Foundation is offering tax-deductible donor positions starting at $9,500 that include flight benefits. Only donors to the Collings Foundation’s Me-262 project will receive flights. Never again will you be able to experience the thrill of flight in the Me-262. Positions are limited.

“Hundreds of people have traveled outside of the United States to get a ride in a MiG fighter jet, and they paid much more than what we are offering with the Me262 fighter jet program. The good news is that you don’t have to leave the States with this program and the family can come and watch” said Gordon Page. “We already have donors lining up to get 30 hours of instruction for a type rating in this historic aircraft- a feat that few will ever have a chance to add to their pilot’s license”.

The Collings Foundation, a leading operator of vintage aircraft, was established in 1979 to preserve living history events. The Foundation’s “Wings of Freedom Tour” has been offering flight experiences in a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and the world’s only operational B-24 Liberator since 1989. The Collings Foundations “Vietnam Memorial Flight” took to the skies in 1999 with the worlds only civilian owned and operated F-4 Phantom. Recently the Collings Foundations TA-4J Skyhawk joined the “Vietnam Memorial Flight” flying collection. For more information on how to participate in this historic program, please visit Collings Foundation.Org or to secure a donor position please contact Rob Collings at 617.510.5237

Stay tuned to Warbird Recovery for further updates.

Legend Flyers restoring history!

Legend Flyers of Everett, WA has announced that it is now offering complete or partial warbird restoration services. After success with the Me262 Project and continued work on the Bf-109 Project, Legend Flyers has made a decision to offer their quality restoration services to the warbird market. Legend Flyers President Bob Hammer said "In the past we have had many requests to expand our restoration service to owner/operators of warbird projects, but we were consumed by the Me262. Now that we have delivered several flying Me262s, we have decided to offer our services to help get other Warbird projects in the air. We are already talking with serveral museums and collectors on potential projects, and now want to get the word out to the rest of the world".

Legend Flyers is offering complete or partial restoration service on many tyes of aircraft, including vintage jets. Sheet metal fabrication, fabric recovering, wing building, woodwork, refinishing, quality workmanship and more are available at reasonable rates.

Contact Bob Hammer at 425-290-7878 or

Me262 Static On Sale!

For a limited time, a static Messerschmitt Me262 is available for $650,000 (reduced from $1.1 Million). An opportunity for a museum to add a marquee aircraft to a collection... Interesting trades MAY be considered. Visit for more information on this offer.

PT-19 for Spirit of Flight

The Spirit of Flight Center has acquired a project PT-19 and is planning to restore the plane to flying condition. It will be dedicated to Mary Elizabeth Trebing, Class 43-4 of the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASP). Unfortunately Mary Elizabeth Trebing was one of the 38 WASP to be killed in service during World War II-while ferrying a PT-19.

The Spirit of Flight Center is looking for sponsors to help put a PT-19 back in the air as a tribute to Mary Elizabeth Trebing and all Women Air Force Service Pilots. You can help by making a tax-deductible donation towards the restoration. All donors will be permanently recognized on the information plaque for the PT-19.

You can help save aviation history by clicking on the following link- SAVE THE PT-19.

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